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Robots Can Create More Jobs Than They Displace
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Now the advancements have been done in the manufacturing and other sectors of economy and job creation is increasing and it will be focus of attention in the future. The signs show that the skepticism about the people, who lost their jobs because of the robots.
According to the report of ‘The Future of Jobs 2018’ by World Economic Forum (WEF) and the enhancements have been done like robotics, machine learning and AI will take over 75 million jobs by 2022. They will also lead to creation of 133 million new jobs.
The newly created jobs are such, where the human traits are needed like data analysis and tasks, which require behavioral skills and the jobs replaced would be such jobs, which are repetitive with room for the increased efficiency. It would not be simple as X or Y number of jobs, which are going away in future with some types of jobs, which are affected than others.
According to BBC reports, PwC shows the rate of job creation and the replacement will be equal in the coming days. There are half of the jobs in US and 35% in UK, which are at high risk of being replaced by coming of the machines in near future. It shows that the consensus is away from this point and it can be related to the changes. WEF reports is one of the few, which stand out their positive outlook.

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