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How to Make Tea Without Kettle?
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I am going to tell you a unique method of making tea without kettle. You will wonder how it can be possible.
It is really possible.
Just take some water in shopper.
Put Sugar & dry tea leafs in it.
Take some burning coal (Koila).
Put the shopper carefully on the coal.
You will see that shopper will not burn.
Water will start boiling after some time.
After few minutes u ll see that the TEA is ready.

It really an amazing.
Just try it and pray for me.
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Good Nice Dear
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یہ تو بہت عجیب بات ہے ،شاپر میں خطرناک کیمیکلز ہوتے ہیں یہ چائیے تو زہر ہے

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